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A fat slovenly fellow. Usually 100 pounds or more overweight and still lives in his mothers basement.
You better get your life together before you turn into a Mory.
by Press Agent August 24, 2006
"Mories", pronounced "moor-eeze", is a portmanteau of "movies" and "series". It means a television series whose episodes are nearly movie-length (say 60 minutes a piece), especially one that is episodic. Each episode is then a "Morie" (not to be confused with Mory).
Black Mirror is one of the best mories I've seen. One of the best series of any kind, actually.
by Betterer January 05, 2015
A Mory is a very sexy lady, with hips like WHOA.
Dude did you see Mory? Man now there is a beautiful girl. :x

I'd do that Mory!
by Chaseroonie January 17, 2007
A sad joke about memory forgotten already by and with resultant ommission of who me?
Use your mory, not me mory, you moron!
by Hercolena Oliver May 15, 2008
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