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noun - mor-plah-due-ti-hog
The elusive Morpledutihog, native to the regions surrounding Nairobi, is similar to a pygmy elephant. The tusks of the morpledutihog may be used for medicinal purposes to cure aids and decapitations. Roaming the african savannah in groups of up to 25, the murplidutihog tend to get picked on by elephants of average size, often recieving swirlies in an oasis, or being spanked with large wooden spoons (or other desert utensils). The morpledutihog is blessed with magical powers, and may, at will, transform into the image of a seductive human supermodel, in order to deter possible hunters or go out for a night on the town.
"Crikey! We've got a beautiful morpledutihog specimen here! Well hello there, little buddy."
by Angus McBeastly January 01, 2007
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