When a female wakes up and is aroused and wet. The equivalent of the male morning wood.
LIsa had a hot dream last night because she woke up with morning dew
by ChopCity May 12, 2007
Top Definition
1. The dew on the grass outside of course; 2. When a woman awakens in a moist or aroused state; 3. When a woman awakens with "dew" on her "grass."; 4. What happens when you didn't do a good enough job the night before.
1. "You might want to wear your boots if you go over there, cause Linda has morning dew."

2. Sheila moaned, "Come to back to bed, Wes. I have morning dew."
by yomammas February 18, 2003
when the woman wakes up and is "WET" if you know what I mean

similar to morning wood
Hey Baby! I'm lying here with Morning dew
by Anonymous February 18, 2003
Occurs when a female wakes up with a subtle moistness in and around her vaginal region; considered the female equivalent to morning wood.
After yearning for vaginal penetration Julia awakens with a fresh case of morning dew.

Julia: I woke this morning a bit wet, it was nice.
Val: Oh wow you must have had morning dew.
by Juliadew September 14, 2010
The female equivalent to morning wood. When a female wakes up in the morning and her genitals are in an aroused state (moist) as if sexually excited.
Jake: (to his girlfriend) So.. this morning, just before you were awake, I decided to try fingering you in your sleep to see what would happen.

Marissa:.... Okay. (blushes) Go on..

Jake: Well... to my juicy surprise... (he says with a sly smile on his face) ...you had morning dew!

Marissa: (thinking to herself in embarrassment: I knew I shouldn't have been fantasizing about David Tennant before falling asleep last night!!)
by The One Who Sat The Fuck Down October 18, 2012
The equivalent of morning wood, only for girls. Wetness in the morning caused by horniness.
Dude, she had serious morning dew.
by jsabo November 22, 2009
The female version of "Morning Wood." When a female wakes up with a wet vagina.
Girl 1: I woke up with Morning Dew this morning. I had to change my panties.

Girl 2: Damn, you must have had a pretty nice dream.
by Grizzack July 19, 2012
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