a white supremacist pedophile that only like small white children of both sexes and who can only dream of having a hareem of extremely young white boys (except on the ranch where they sometimes achieve)
-dude, do you know that mormons have 4 childbrides each?
- I want to be a mormon!
by perrro September 10, 2010
A stuipid religon.
Where all the people worship god.
Hate people who arent mormans.
No caffine.
No tattos.
No piercings.
No gf or bf untill 16.
Go on gay missions.
Have to wear a tux/dress to church.
Kids Cant go anywhere with out permmision.
Family Orentated.
Doesnt support gays.
Use Non cuss words ex. Heck, Fudge, Gosh
Goes on Stuipid missions to preach about god.
Losers in School.
Straight A students.
Hang out with other momons.
Has A billion churches and wards.
98% live in utah.
Mormon Kid A. ''hey, Lets go to the skate Park'
Mormon Kid B. " Yeah maybe we can hang out with the cool skaters."
Mormon Parent A "Heck No, Go to church and worship god!"
by kellylynn May 12, 2007
The most rediculous religion!!!!!!!! The shit they do is hella funny.
Go back to Utah you stupid Mormon. Come back when you're normal.
by Anthony's friend Frankie December 06, 2006
Individual who believes that a narcissistic dude (me - Joseph Smith) found some golden plates passed straight from the heavens (hehe) which bore the words of god (hehe again). Mormons give lots of their earnings (>10%) to the "church" (cult organization), the men traditionally have many women (younger the better) for themselves (although the book of mormon has had to be re-written a few times to keep it just mildly less than ridiculous with each new generation – but there are still some die-hard fundamentalist mormons), and the boys have to abstain from the sexy during a (ideally) 2 year mission with a buddy in order to concentrate on pushing the cult's teachings (although this commonly leads to nothing more than 2 years of mental anguish, excessive masturbation and homosexual tendency) . After their mission the boys can then find their bride(s) online or from cousins and proceed to produce as many children as possible for further indoctrination and to eventually try to take over the world.

Wrap all of these beliefs in a fine package for any horny young man or heavily indoctrinated or disempowered young lady (neophyte nincompoops) and you are on your way to making a "mormon."
Too numerous to mention but check out any other sick cult that is either in existence or has came to pass: Jim Jones and "The People's Temple"(Jonestown), Scientology, Father Divine, David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, Charles Manson and "The Family," Marshall Herff Applewhite and Bonnie "Ti" Lu Trusdale Nettles' of Heaven's Gate, Jehovah's Witness... more coming to a town near you.

I am mormon, therefore I am moron.

Can't make normal out of mormon but you can make moron.
by Joseph Smith the cult leader September 19, 2006
a group of CRAZY people that think they are better than the rest of us .
morman girl: yes i am going to heaven.
Normal black girl: Oh yeah i am glad .
Morman girl: i won't see you there though.
NBG:what do you mean ?
Morman girl : well negro's can't attain a higher level .
NBG : why ?
MG : because you are a beast !
by Lafawanduh August 08, 2005
Those suited bastards who come to your door with promises of a new religion. The believe that a religion created in 1830 is more pure and truthful than the 2000 year old alternative. They are completely against hearing or even taking a pamphlet on your religion.
Mormon: "Hi! Would you be interested in some information on the Mormons?" *smile*
Me: "Sure, but only if you take some info on mine." *hands a pamphlet on Satanism*
Mormon: "I see." *runs away*
by kilgor May 19, 2005
A self-righteous person who feels right at home working as a tax collector or a security clearance inspector.

One of the self-righteous, inhospitable persons who follows me up and down the aisles of a market when I shop for groceries in Utah.

A Utah resident who, upon seeing my big white beard, treats me like a pariah.

A person who, having never read the Bible, believes that Jesus is Satan's brother, that God has a few million wives, that couples stay married after death, that the dead can be baptised into the faith, and that it is perfectly good business to cheat gentiles.
Heber is a Mormon. He religiously screws gentiles in all his business dealings and often mistreats the wives.
by Bumkicker Slade April 24, 2005

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