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it simular to wolfbagging except you do it to a fat ugly woman
heard about wolf bagging, so i pulled a fat ugly woman to try it. but the fat bitch ate the bacon and the string. wont do that again. i call it moosebagging.....
by the moosebagger May 12, 2008
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Moose Bagging - Pioneered by Gaz from Blackburn for first dates where attempts at Wolf Bagging could be deemed overfriendly. Moose Bagging should be carried out on overweight, slightly desperate single women with mothers like scary mary.
Note it is not permissable to " Moose Bag " the mother & daughter at the same time - just for safety's sake.
Quote "wolf bagging
Whilst having sex with a woman (doggystyle), a small peice of bacon is tied to a string and swallowed by the girl, then just as the man ejaculates he pulls the string and the bacon comes out of the womans mouth makin her gag and tense up increasing pleasure for the man.
man: oh yeah! oh (pulls string)
Woman: choke, gag! tense
man: wow! "
Moose Bagging requires no apparatus other than a large McDonalds brown paper bag with a hole in it - Allow 2 bags for excessively SCARY MARYS - remember protection is everything !
Im Moose bagging that bitch !!
Im gonna Moose bag that bitch ...
by Mr G Moosebagger May 12, 2008
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