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Moon Lake "Estates" is a huge neighborhood that surrounds the actual Moon Lake. Everyone who lives in Moon Lake is a scrub or redneck. There's no doubt about that. By driving into any regular Moon Lake neighborhood, you will see scattered car parts and a washing machine in every yard. Everyone owns a dog that rips peoples heads off, and everyone that lives there also owns a gun and smells of body odor. Also, everyone in Moon Lake smokes pot.
KID A: I'm bored. There's nothing to do in New Port Richey. Wanna smoke pot with me?
KID B: Ew stop talking to me, you live in Moon Lake.
by ohaiguyz May 11, 2007
Neighborhood off of Moon Lake road consisting largely of drug addicts, pot heads and drunks. All the best parties are moon lake parties, and most likely is where your drugs come from. 50% rednecks, 10% wiggers 15% stoners 5% African americans

"Hey Joe can you score me a bag?"
"Yeah if you can give me a ride up to moon lake"

"I heard there was a lesbian orgy in moon lake this weekend."
by 420yes November 06, 2007
Where the bitch ass people live
Girl : That bitch is a hoe
Boy : You gonna get yo ass kicked, she from moonlake
Girl : Oh shit
by You Don't Wannna Know July 07, 2009
Crack-Head central full of trailors snanks cunts and Red Necks.
Dont go to moon lake or the skanky crack-head renecks will Getcha!!
by Sanchez Corisine April 24, 2007