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coolest thing ever, can jump up and down and do flips on a huge blowup object and not get hurt... cool to say uve had sex on one
I just had sex on a moonbounce!

hey man, cool!
by nfg May 09, 2005
Having sex on an inflatable bed. Made famous by 2-time world champion joggler THAXTER.
Why is Chuck inflating his bed?
He moonbounced some bitch last night.
I didn't see any bitches...
He sent that bitch out the back door.
by dal24nyj17 September 11, 2011
1.) noun An inflatable room where kids jump around in.

2.) verb Bumping into somebody with a particularly large backside.
1.) Janey took her kids to the carnival so that they could play in the moon bounce.

2.)Poor Julie. She totally moon bounced our waitress the other day.
by xGigi_Weasleyx December 06, 2008
definition of what two gay male bottoms do when they go home after a night at the bar and realize that neither is a top
Cliff left the bar early to go sleep with this guy, but all they could do is moon bounce.
by jasonje April 11, 2010
the act of pulling down one's pants far enough to view the crack of the rear (and sometimes the ass floss, also known as a thong ) while jumping on a trampoline.
"yo, stop doing the moon bounce, your ass floss is clearly visible"
by ughnancysmellz September 17, 2008
A term used to describe a really fat, repulsive, stomach
Mr. H is flamming moon bounce and when i see him run it makes wana puke

"put your shirt back on before that moon bounce starts an earthquake!"
by Bob Sagent March 31, 2006
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