To google yourself. To do a search on your own name in the Google search engine.
I moogled myself last night and found ten links!
by thinkswell February 05, 2010
1)noun: A measurement of information based on the already MASSIVE amount of information a Mom has in her head combined with the power of Google. 2)verb When a Mom provides her children and husband with information she discovered on google
1) Daughter says to Mom: "Nice one Mom, thanks for the Moogle on weather, my report is all done."

2) Brother says to his sibling: "Dude, Mom just slammed me with a Moogle, I am like, what do i do with that much info on quinoa!?"
3) Husband says to wife, "Thanks dear for the moogle, I will make sure to think about that when I am mowing the lawn"
by TS Linden May 14, 2009
A purely heterosexual, awesome cat-like creature from Final Fantasy with a red pom-pom on its head.
Holy crap! That moogle just kicked Celes' ass!
by Anonymous June 07, 2003
Those small, white fleabags from the Final Fantasy games. Earliest known origin is GameBoy game Seiken Densetsu (named Final Fantasy Adventure in the U.S. for some reason, which was re-released by by Sunsoft in the late '90s). Often says kupo.
"Hey moogle, where is the town?"
"Thanks anyway."
by Anonymous May 27, 2003
a description of anything that is unbelievably awesome.
Wow, these cheeseburgers are MOOGLES
by Shakarlimich December 08, 2008
The illegitamate offspring of Dougle from The Magic Roundabout and a cow.
(D+C)x X
--------- = Moogle.
by Moose November 17, 2003
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