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When you're hanging out with a friend/loved one and you're in a certain mood, looking for certain responses and you get the wrong ones cause they're in a different mood.
Eg 1

Me: "Heyy you! Do you like my profile pic?" <i actually mean: "say i'm hot!">

My boyfriend: "Hahaha, did you mean to make that face? and whats with the dumb oversize glasses?"

Me (muttering) "bloody mood conflict"

Eg: 2
Me: "See how long my hair has grown! You likey?"

My boyfriend: "Very nice baby, are you planning to grow it longer?"

Me: "Yea! Until it reaches to below my butt."

My boyfriend: "Oh great, then you won't need toilet paper."
by Chiaroscuro9 June 17, 2009
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