fat on a mans pectoralis major resembling a female breast.
ewww... that guys so fat hes got moobs!!!!
by alycat997 November 07, 2010
n: Abreviation for "man boobs".

Man boobs are pockets of fat that have collected around the pectoral muscles. Most men with moobs are in diar need of bras and need to hit the gym.

***WARNING: For your own personal safety, don't criticize men with moobs. They will either cry or insist that "you like it".
SITUATION #1 (live on American Idol):

Ryan Seacrest: Simon Cowell is the only man in America who needs to wear a bra! LOLOLOL moobs!

Simon Cowell: ...You son of a bitch... *sniff*


Michael: Wanna feel my pecks, babe?

Macy: Ew! Those are moobs! You said you've been working out!

Michael: .... Aww shut up, you know you like it...
by xXLROXXx September 13, 2011
The words man and boobs fused together. The unusually large amounts of fat stored on the upper chest of a man. Also called a man bosom. Especially disgusting if the male is wearing a very tight shirt and you can see his man titties. It is very humorous when they jiggle around like jelly. Usually seen in overweight people, but can also belong to more average people
Random Chick: Look at the moobs on Vartan!
Me: Wow! He's like an F-cup!
Vartan: Where does one buy bras?
Everyone: Up your ass and around the corner!
by Guy Bravado April 26, 2015
Saggy, Flappy, extra skin that hangs above the abdoman on the Male species.
*The over weight man has very large Male breasts (Moobs)
by Niall O' Conbon April 09, 2015
man boobs. some guys have 'em
Oh my gosh look at his moobs
by That Hockey Kid September 27, 2014

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