The town of Montvale is located in Bergen County, New Jersey. The social life there consists mostly of hanging out with friends of the same sex (i.e. males with males). Popular hangout spots are Taco Bell, Taco Bell, Taco Bell, and CVS. The female population upon entering high school begins to hang out the Woodcliff Lake-1 guys. This has little to no effect on the guys because they simply continue doing “EXTREAMS” and playing grab ass with each other. Due to a recent survey of Montvale girls, 85 % say that guys in there grade need to mature. The remaining 15 % that they have simply shut most of the Montvale guys out and moved on to Woodcliff Lakers-2.
(-1 A small town located in Bergen County, New Jersey. Where the male race is clearly dominant to Montvale’s.)
(-2 Guys and Girls born or currently living in Woodcliff Lake.)
Montvale kids- "Got your elb" and "Do an EXTREAM nerve"
by Lakers September 28, 2006
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