An entourage of Mo's. i.e. A large group of gay people (and accepting straight friends) that go out together to party and have fun. They tend to raise a little hell wherever they go.
We need to pick a date when the ENTIRE montourage can go to the game together, because once we get thrown out they won't let any of us in again!
by out_and_about September 04, 2010
Top Definition
Um, yeah, those other definitions are wrong. Montourage is Cory MONteith's enTOURAGE
Kay: Do you like Cory Monteith?
Kelsey: Yeah! Total Montourager. So sad he died!
by montourager October 10, 2013
An accumulation of photos, videos, or clips of all of your friends.

Derived from the Latin word Montage, and the Greek word Entourage.
Howie has three ugly bitches in his montourage.
by 1MBETTER September 19, 2008
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