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Sound/token gesture made upon whence you kill 5 or more people in Unreal Tournament. Introduced in the newer version is "Ludacris"; although Monster Kills are much more popular due the the satisfying 'Muhmuhmuhmuhmuhmuh MONSTER KILL-KILL-KILL'.

So popular that even the game Half-Life uses the same sound in varient games.
I killed 5 people in 15 seconds and then I heard this totally bad sound!
by UT Fan August 28, 2003
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Sound played in Online Games such as UT and CS.

Or you got killed by a monster.
In UT when the sound plays Monsterkill!!! nothing happens.

IN CS when the sound plays
Monsterkill!!! it says Kicked by Console.
by A maroon clored hair girl January 08, 2004
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