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A helluva lot of action with very little or no result
Applying for fall classes, I had to register with the burser, the advisor, check my prereq.s, and then stand in line, and then I found the class I wanted was closed out. "Man scheduling for classes this morning was like a monkey fucking a football"
by Gbbrd September 30, 2006
125 53
generally, a disorganized set of events. See cluster fuck.
Bill - Did you go to the concert last night?
John - Yeah, dude it was like a monkey fucking a football, the organizers better get their shit together next time.
by Keyzer Korleone August 07, 2009
64 31
When someone is marching out of step (bouncing)
Sgt. Amos: Herte, get your ass in step. You're bouncing like a monkey fucking a football !!
by Tom Highway October 26, 2007
18 73