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A bazooka like gun used to rapidly fire primates at enemies; preferably fired at Vanilla Ice, and Donny Osmond.
Example: On top of the Rockies, all covered with shale, I whacked Donny Osmond, with a monkey tail.
It strangled him quickly, no evidence left, I went to his car, and committed grand theft.
I was off to Vanilla, that one guy who has no ladies, because he has sucked, since the 1980’s.
I saw him on Melrose, his hair 5 miles from his head, I pulled out my shooter, and now he is dead.
by Jar Head May 08, 2005
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When a person has either one eye that looks directly at you while the other one looks askance, or when both of their eyes fail to look directly at you.
She kept staring at me with those monkey shooters and I didn't know if I should look back.
by Da Mare July 09, 2010

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