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1.a strange erotic animal pastry of love

2.cute pet name for signifcant other
I love you my monkey muffin.
by smartiexox November 14, 2010
1. A type of muffin that is made of bread that has monkeys in it. Eaten by bananas to avenge banana bread.
2. Someone who lazy and is stuck between two people (or more) that has a problem where one bullies the other: a bystander who takes a stand for the bully.
Banana (Fred):I can't believe they ate George...
Banana (Sally):Here, have a monkey muffin!

Guy#1: Ur ugly
Guy#2: Wah!
Guy#3: And fat!
Guy#2: Stop being a monkey muffin!
by MunkYMun June 28, 2010
A cutesy name a man may call his significant other. The name is intended as a compliment and is used by the man to communicate fondness for a woman. Depending on the woman in question, however, the term may be interpreted as an insult. If the man wants to insure that the female is not offended, he must carefully chose the timing and tone of voice he will use.

The term should be used to describe a female companion when the following criterion have been met:
A) the male loves to call his significant other by cute pet names on a regular basis
B) the male never likes to use the same pet name twice
C) all standard names (e.g. cutey pie, honey pie, sweetie, noogums, sugar, pookie, tenderoni, etc.) have been exhausted.
Example #1
Gentleman: So, how is my favorite little monkey muffin today?
Lady friend: Thanks for asking honey. I am feeling quite good.

Example #2
Gentleman: So, how is my favorite little monkey muffin today?
Lady friend: What the f*** is that supposed mean?
by R. Barnes November 28, 2008

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