A high level instance (dungeon) in World of Warcraft. Usually completed after many hours of time, with around 40 level 60 players.

The Molten Core is a goal for many guilds to complete, to earn a respected status on a WoW server, as well as gain many epic items for thier members.
"I got my staff in the Molten Core"

"Dude, i need to go to the Molten Core to get my Wrath set"
by Vendicator November 29, 2005
Top Definition
A place to relax in the world of azeroth, sometimes refered to as monotony core or molten bore.
Thank god tonight we are running molten core, it's about time I caught up on some zzz's from all this raiding.
by Koruptwon August 08, 2006
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