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diahreah caused by excessive beer drinking
I drank a case of beer last night and I woke up with a case of the molson mud slides
by MrGuy69 May 06, 2009
Molson a brand of beer in Canada also the largest brewer there. Molson Mudslides are when you go out for a cheap drunk and drink draught beer all night, causing you to feel like shit the next day. You go to the washroom sit on the toilet and shotgun the toilet bowl with diarrhea. Thus the Molson Mudslides.
Brandon was broke cause he was inbetween pay days so he drank Molson draught all night long. When he woke up he ran to the toilet and let loose with the Molson Mudslides. We thought he was taking a piss but it was the shits he got from all the cheap beer he had.
by Schwazzy Nutz April 02, 2006
to take a monster soft crap the morning after a night of hard core drinkin
i drank a shitload last night, got up this morning and had a molson mudslide, it was awesome
by 2fast4u April 22, 2006
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