Morbidly Obese Loser - A grotesquely and disgustingly overweight individual, generally with horrible fashion-sense, who often times is one bucket of chicken away from cardiac arrest. This person gives others a gag reflex when seen because of their unsightly and sweaty appearance.
OMG, did you see that MOL getting ready to board the plane? I was praying to God that she wasn't going to sit next to me with her fat sweatty ass touching mine.
by Temple MD November 03, 2009
Short for Masturbate Out Loud.
Rob: Did you see the Paris Hilton Video?
Joe: I sure did. MOL!!!!
by Davey McDavey December 02, 2003
Means "Moo-Out-Loud". Another way of just laughing at something, but instead, you moo... out loud!
<Example A> d00d I am not kewl
<M-C Digm> MOL!
by Paradigm April 10, 2005
M-master O-of L-lies

If you or someone else is ever told they are a M-O-L this is what they are being called.
The MOL tells lies a lot.
by not me May 26, 2003

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