Ohmo, pinghoe, LD masta.
"awww fuck! get mojoman on this team."
by Jon H. February 17, 2003
Top Definition
To have a strange but strong alliance to a person due to a social or political factor, such as outlook on life or personal preferences.
"Kenji and I both have similar and optimistic views"
"Kenji is my mojo man"
by Danny Risdon July 09, 2005
Straight up on thafarilla, he's the man with mojo-to-go; it's hard to bring him down. Chock-fulla positive vibes, can ya diggit.
Yeah, the chicks really dig that MojoMan; he knows how to elevate them.
by stashgordon May 11, 2003
Someone who is not as good as AvA_Majestic
Wow, pretty much everyone these days is a Mojoman
by Majestic February 17, 2003
Mojo - sperm/spunk/semen/jizz/cum/
Man - guy/dude/bloke/homo/fellow
"Jizzfellow gets bitchslapped by Iscariot"
"Cumguy gets pwned by again"
"Semendude swallows it whole!"
by Iscaw February 17, 2003
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