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A mohammadroid is a brain-dead robotic follower of The Prophet Mohammad, (see peckerhead, baby raper and koranimal).
Nobody is born a mohammadroid. They are made by taking a normal human child and filling its head with Koranic garbage starting at an early age. This clogs up their brain cells and renders them inoperative. When this happens, they are no longer able to think for themselves and can be easily programmed to kill others and sometimes themselves as well. (see suicide bomber) When they are not exploding, they are either (1) producing more mohammadroids by becoming mullahs or imams or (2) causing trouble for their neighbors wherever and whenever they gather in sufficiently large numbers, as they do in Eurabia. In the United States, they are not as much of a problem thanks to a wonderful invention called the Second Amendment.

"I heard some mohammadroids blew themselves up in the Gaza strip today".
by mystique_nr_2 February 16, 2007
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