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An abbreviated term for mother fucker
Guy 1;; Dude your Dad's a Mofo
Guy2;; I know right?
by Gouche August 28, 2010
3 3
a person who does crazy things
mulan is a crazy mofo
by nuts on a duck September 30, 2009
9 10
Slang: Term used for "Mothafucka". Mostly used by niggaz (No offense to black people).
I met a MoFo playing GTA IV online. Met him on Halo 3. Met him on Saints Row. I couldnt stand anymore so i went to some hookers intown for calming me down. I met a bum with a X360. He was the MoFo i met. I went online and KILLD DAT MOFO.
by xbox_niko August 17, 2008
11 12
an abbreviation not understood by elders most commonly understood by teenagers standing for "mother fucker"
Ann's mother: why don't you hang out with Kate anymore?
Ann: Shes suck a mo fo.

Ann's mother: what does that mean?
Ann: ohhh nothing
by diva12 October 20, 2009
2 5
mother-of-farming-ostrages. Someone who is completely stupid. this could also be short for a curse word. but no one really knows.
You stupid MOFO
by Jillian Scurfer September 18, 2010
2 6
1. shortened version of motherfucker
2. Hmong for anus
3. The object between Justin Bieber's legs
4. something that many men wish to put their cock into
1. That guys a mofo
2. I got into ur mums mofo last night!!!!1!
by CHEEBUBS June 07, 2010
2 6
short term for motherfu**er
look at this mofo!
by doubletea April 22, 2009
1 5