The correct spelling of Tobuscus' (AKA tobygames, tobyturner) favourite word. It is a term that can be used as an insult or in praise of someone of thing.
Knock, Knock MOE'SUCKRA!!
by Worldsendmusic January 30, 2011
Top Definition
A really witty thing to say or call someone, even if you have no idea what it means. Because No one else does either. Made popular by comedian/youtuber Toby Turner and coined by his brother.
You: "Knock Knock moe'suckra!"


Friend: "Hey man"

You: "Hey whats up moe'suckra?"
by Minoshman January 30, 2011
Someone who's room/area you are invading. You are generally afraid of this person and you call them this name to give the appearance that you are brave.
by Jake Jawesome February 20, 2011
A Moe' Suckra is someone or something that is not cool or totally lame. Popularized by Youtube comedian Toby Turner.
Knock, knock Moe' Suckra.
by VACOB VACOB February 08, 2011
a word used by tobuscus the greatest youtuber ever when hes is owning at video games
toby kills a zombie
Knock Knock Moesuckra!
by terrariananimal August 18, 2011
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