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A Mod girl/boy:
- Model like, but isn't up herself about it. (good looking)
- Dresses smartly. Shirts with all the buttons done up. Tracksuit bottoms are a no no useless they are worn with a smart buttoned up shirt. Matching jacket to the tracksuit and hightops which must be matching in colour.
- Colour coordination is a MUST
- Curly hair which is messy/ straight hair which is messy. cannot be overdone. cannot look scene/emo/chavish. has a unique quality to it. Curly hair for boys = not a Yannis from Foals Hair do. it's such a no no.
- Are friends with other Mods.

- You cannot become a Mod. You are either one or not from day one. You cannot have been an Emo, Chav, or an indie.

- Wearing labels is a no no. Trying to wear everything vintage is a no no.
- Strong political opinions are a must. Socialist views are ideal.
- Hence Mods cannot be daddy's/mummy's little boy/girl ie. spoilt
- Watch weird but wonderful programs. not reality tv.
- Have to have the Mod state of mind
idiot: OH man I wanna be a Mod! it looks so kewllll
indie: don't be wack, i'm a Mod and therefore you cannot be
Mod girl/boy: pfft, get a grip
indie: f you, i'm more Mod than you
Mod group: (laughs) hahahah
idiot: dude you got owned
indie: shit
by ha, you wish you were me May 03, 2009
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