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People of mixed race with light complexion and light eyes.
often strikingly so. Some times used as "cocoa latte"
"We should hook-up so we can make some mocha latte babies."
by harobks December 01, 2006
First a girl eats your asshole out. While she has your shit in her mouth, you turn around and bust a load in her mouth, giving the effect of her having a Mocha Latte.
She was thirsty, so I gave her a tasty Mocha Latte... free of charge!
by Tony Little January 13, 2007
when a girl (nick name: mocha) likes a boy (nick name latte) and they flirt all the time! so its called a mocha latte. the girl = mocha the boy = latte.
Ah! There is a Mocha Latte in the hall!
by KayteeMacc March 20, 2008
To be a very large fat black male that grows weed but acts so white that he can't even be gangster
Look at this mocha latte mother fucker, he won't even share a spliff, what a buster.
by effect December 08, 2014

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