A man with a shaved pubic region. It refers to the musician Moby in regard to his bald head in relation to the hairless dick and balls.
"Ted was alright, but when I gave him head my mouth kept getting so full of pubic hair!"

"That's why I like Andy. He's got a Moby Dick."
by Steve Stevenson 66666667 April 27, 2012
when you have sex with a whale
I was having moby dick untill the whale said "No Way"
by Ymca Mouse Cat Acadamy November 22, 2010

When someone has sexual intercourse with a rather large female or male (or more appropriately a feWHALE or maleWHALE).
To BE moby-dicked would occur when said feWHALE or maleWHALE engages in intercourse with a more slender female or male.
These phrases work best when there is a noticeable discrepancy between the two mammals engaging in intercourse.

The etymology of the word can be traced to Herman Melville's novel "Moby Dick," alternately titled "The Whale." While I don't think "moby-dicking" occurs in the novel, some sick bastards have imagination.
"-How was Vegas brah?
-Man your boii got too drunk and was moby-dicking all night. Sometimes your boii gets desperate, nah mean?"

"-How was Vegas homegurrl
-Met a victim. Got moby-dicked ;)"
by RootbeerMM July 22, 2010
You are performing anal sex on a girl, you pull out, and she farts. It is like a blow hole.
Last night she did the Moby Dick.
by Honey Hole August 25, 2010

An obese or overweight caucasian female.
Man A: Man you where so drunk last night!

Man B: Fosho dude! I woke up with two Moby Dicks this morning.
by Soultaker MK3 September 09, 2010
Your girlfriend is giving you a hummer and you unload so hard that it squirts out her nose.
"It had been so long since his last encounter with a woman, when she put his weiner in her mouth, he ended up performing a Moby Dick."
by Nonscrubber January 17, 2008
The girl that got away.
Alludes to Captain Ahab's elusive whale.
Man, that girl was my Moby Dick.
by Digz January 24, 2005

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