going tagging for a period of time
Will and i went mobbing in the allys last night
by SoApS PES April 08, 2006
Driving over the speed limit or just going insanely fast.
Mom your mobbing down this street!
by sushiwashere December 13, 2010
To go off roading.
I want a car that can mob so hard.

I went mobbing last night it was amazing.

That car mobs so hard!
by Audessy May 13, 2013
Driving around, pumping music, generally rap with lots of bass, fucking with random people, making impulsive stops, Drivethroughs. The word SKANK through an open window is also included on a regular basis. Chinese fire drills (everyone changes seats at the next stoplight, including the driver). Following random people. If your lucky B-Woods in the back spittin game.
"Dude we went mobbing last night in Evans car it was sick."
by Zwalk December 31, 2008
speeding, moving at high speeds
i was mobbing down the freeway at like 85
by Jen November 20, 2003
Being part of or watching a flash mob.
I am mobbing today in downtown Seattle. Our spontaneous dance will be filmed and uploaded to you tube.
by PsychNP April 10, 2010
In guildwars, when doing AB's, noob teams that cannot win with skilled play will group up and just overrun everything with 12 guys making it impossible to break up the group
will from time to time get owned by players smart enough to avoid the mob and cap the points
stop mobbing noobs, CAP!!!
by ZDARKETE THE MIGHTY April 03, 2007

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