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When ur makin good time speeding on the freeway.
Were fucking Mobbin!
by motogurlie909 December 02, 2006
71 108
taking any type of object that can be used for graffiti (i.e rock, paint, streaker, marker) and putting your name up.
Lets go mobbing at the train yards. Or Damn that shit got mobbed.
by Morgan Sevobogohff April 27, 2006
35 91
{verb} to chill while watching bangbus
Eric: fool, you mobbin again?
Jerry: I'm always mobbin, son
by mawl March 03, 2005
34 101
when somebody look at u like "WHAT THE FUCK U LOOKIN AT!??!
"u see that nigga mobbin me?"
by unknown November 11, 2003
15 100