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Doesn't means absolutely anything.
I've never heard anyone using term "mo mo mo"
by piggy1 May 20, 2008
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'momomo' can be good or bad.

When used with a girl, it's good. If you call a girl a momomo, you're calling her a cute girl.

When used with a guy, it's bad. If you call a guy a momomo, you're calling his a sissy, or a woman. But it's not a really serious insult. It's like a joking insult between friends.
To girl: "Hey you momomo. How're yah doin' today?"

To guy: "You fuckin' momomo, douche bag."
by Alex_the_animahngo September 24, 2006
The mall, especially a crappy one.
Person 1: I'm headin' to the mo mo mo, wanna come with?

Person 2: Hell naw, I don't shop at that shit hole.
by J-Long June 22, 2006

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