a big hairy baby (AKA a full grown man who wears tighty whities)...Oh right, his back is hairier than his chest.
those guys at starbucks
by blah blah January 04, 2004
1. Modus Operandi (method of operation), how you do something

2. Multiple Orgasm
1. The killers MO was drowning his victims

2. "I gave Krista the best sex of her life last night. She totally Mo'd."
by Changsta December 19, 2005
Cool. Very cool. A leader by instinct. A fan of vagina.
Examples of leadership include the famed czar of D Wang, Mo. He is the man.
by Mo Ali May 09, 2005
adj or adv. really or a lot
1) My toe emits a mo putrid stench resembling burnt monkey sauce and dolphin ass.

2) I miss you mo!
by Michael Carrier July 27, 2004
When someone is taught something and deliberately does it there own way in spite. This often leads to disaster.
Don't pull a Mo dude.
by Shydog August 23, 2008
A term of affection used between close friends, similar to "bro." Can also be used as a light-hearted put down, inferring someone's lack of fortitude.
"Wadup mo."
"Whatchu mo's up to."
"Chug that fuckin beer, don't be a mo!"
by Moose121 April 12, 2007
-Meaning very, largly,or alot.
"Dude that was Mo cool"
by K-nott July 02, 2005
Short for homo, which is short for homosexual.
My roommate andy is a huge mo.
by Jordan March 10, 2005

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