1)Short for mom
2)Short for more
3)Short for moron
4)nick name
1)But MO!
2)I'd like some mo, please.
3)Shut the fuck up MO!
4)His real name's marcus, but we call him mo
by Sylk Cream October 05, 2005
Homo (Gay-Someone that likes the same sex)
Or somebody that just isn't with the program.
That man is mo.
by Casino516 February 19, 2009
The short form of saying homo. Meaning homosexual.
George Michael is a mo.

I have never seen a bigger mo than GLS.
by Shure Shure October 04, 2006
1. Modus Operandi (method of operation), how you do something

2. Multiple Orgasm
1. The killers MO was drowning his victims

2. "I gave Krista the best sex of her life last night. She totally Mo'd."
by Changsta December 19, 2005
a gang stone they say allzwell mo run under da 5 point star hate gd'z they call dem bricks
whut up mo
by lil mo December 10, 2003
Homosexual -- Short for homo

Generally, derogatory
Dude... Paul is such a 'mo.
by Jeff December 27, 2002
When used in north eastern New Jersey/New York "Mo" generally stands for "Moron".
"My dad is such a mo. He got arrested for assaulting an officer again."
by LK865 November 18, 2011
Method of Operation
Tianna's M.O. is always go in, be an annoying little bitch, walk out, and watch everyone hate her.
by MyMotherCanRotInHell March 11, 2010
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