abbreviation for Monkey Navigated Robots, A gang comprising of mostly east coast members.
that mnr gang be tight, son!
by This be is robot August 13, 2006
Top Definition
A commonly used bbm term meaning 'may not reply'

Also wnr meaning 'will not reply'
Low battery mnr
Bad mood mnr
Out with the family wnr
Asleep wnr
by PandaPanda<3 June 25, 2012
might not respond. used when on chat and surfing the web at the same time.
* in a status on chat * i'm on facebook, mnr...
by qwertyma7 January 29, 2010
"message not received".

abbreviation used when a message was not received. Either through an indirect conversation, not understanding the message, or the intermediate party forgot to forward the information.
I didn't find out about your thoughtful apology until now...looks like Joseph was not the best person to leave that information with. I'm sorry that your mnr until now.
by you've-got-mail November 29, 2013
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