Makes Me Mad
In response to something irritating: "That MMM."
by Joe Skye March 05, 2013
what u say when your happy or agree wiht someone....
u: thats cool
me: mmm!!
u: mmmmm!!
by urmomma!!!! March 31, 2003
The Merry Marvel Marching Society, a pantheon of Marvel Comics characters from the 1960s that included The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, The Mighty Thor, Submariner, and Spiderman. The Merry Marvel Marching Society was also the name of the Marvel Comics fan club associated with the above characters, in which members could get all sorts of goodies including vinyl 45s of the MMMS themes, stickers, and posters of their favorite characters. Now unfortunately defunct, the MMMS had some of the catchiest cartoon show themes ever created!
Tom has an original MMMS vinyl. It's a collector's item now!
by pentozali July 28, 2008
Used by Marvel Comics Fans to mean - Make Mine Marvel.
Used regularly in the letters page near the back of comics.
Fanboy 1 - 'That's it from me..... MMM'
Fanboy 2 - 'Keep up the good work and i'll keep Making Mine Marvel'
by Cherry Pie November 20, 2005
1) something you exclaim when you taste something good 2) something you say when you are not satisfied with somebody's answer 3) something you say when you don't believe somebody 4) yes
Example 1
-Girl brings spoon with soup in it to her mouth-
Girl: Mmm!

Example 2
Person 1: Did you kiss my girlfriend yesterday?
Person 2: Maybe
Person 1: Mmm

Example 3
Person 1: Why did you eat my cake yesterday?
Person 2: I didn't
Person 1: Mmm

Example 4:
Person 1: You coming to the movies tomorrow?
Person 2: Mmm
by Squigs100 November 11, 2011
MMM Referes to a franchise of Commnity Based Teenage Drinking events that took place between November 2007 and September 2008 Consisting of 9 Official MMM's 2 Direct Spin Offs and 3 Related Gatherings. Created By two students at a West Sussex School in 2007 the franchise grew popular with sum 70plus people attending some,
MMM meaning a variation on the words

the middle word would change each MMM
That MMM was so good last night.
What the f**k even happened last night at that MMM
I Cant wait until the next MMM
by METH2007 January 16, 2010
The one I love immensely. Loved unconditionally. Capable of being loved. Perfect. Mine. Everything.
I want mmm! ;)
by MnM February 24, 2003

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