major league pussy referring to the wimpier among us,
you cant do anything properly you absolute mlp
by Alfred James July 05, 2007
Internet shorthand of "Me la pela". Spanish slang. Means" "sucks my dick/can suck my dick". Literal translation means "jacks me off". Used to express intense dislike of someone/something, or to express ones superiority over the subject in question.
Jusin Beiber MLP! = Justin Beiber can suck my dick!

In a fight between me and Justin Beiber, Justin Beiber MLP.
by AdjustedJunk February 14, 2011
Mindless link propagation; as this definition implies, MLP is the aimless or casual sharing of links to websites.
Anne, bored at work, sent Bob an email full of MLP.
by pwolffe October 10, 2005
My Life Pwns.

Simple as that.
Person 1: Oh my god, my dog threw up on me last night. FML.
Person 2: Really? Because I won a million dollars yesterday. MLP.
by Shooberry April 23, 2009
Stands for Miss Little Perfect. The most annoying girl ever known in history and portrays herself as hard to get yet has never been sexually active with a boy or close at all. She is in love with herself when no one else in this world likes her. She thinks she is beautiful and stares at herself in the mirror all day naked.
Asian: OMG Blondie, stop being such an MLP
Blondie: Sorry but that is the most disgusting thing i have heard in my entire life.
by Asian and Blondie July 10, 2008
1- Acronym of Major League Personality

2- A person considered very famous, very important, well known, etc.
3- Someone who thinks and acts himself as VIP, thinks his/her personality is better and he/she has the habit of thinking that is better than everyone else and in everything else in general, but he is so cocky, he has bad companions, he does shit in front in everyone's face just for "lookin' cool" and "badazz" to show to his friends that he/she has all of it, has no talent for shit, acts like a fucknut and a cunt, wants to accomplish his wish (become famous) but his dreams and wishes will drive him/her to disaster and his/her dreams and whishes will not become reality and he/she is know of the shit that have done before or in some time.
Me: Yesterday, I had encontered some random mlp claiming to me that he scored at the goal in his first footbal training and he tells me that he will become so famous and very professional than Ronaldo. He sucks so hard and why poeple and his fans are his freinds. Lulzzzzzzzzzzzz - I'm so badazz than him lelelel
by TheKamikazeMonkeys May 25, 2016
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