my life blows
Milissa: FML!!
Meaghan: MLB!!
Milissa: STFU!
Meaghan: OMG!
by bloody1 March 25, 2009
usually meant as major league baseball, but is actually an abbreviation for my little bitch. used as an insult.
Jenny "Julie don't worry, I'll do it!!"
(Jenny leaves)
Julie "Jenny is such M.L.B"\
Jessica "yeah she is!!"
by in_the_lalaland August 29, 2010
A pack of autos that has three main cars: Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, BMW. Multiple packs are usually noticed in upper-class areas and neighborhoods.
Damn, I was driving down Mockingbird Ln. and there was a shitload of MLB.
by JDub23 October 17, 2006
Major League Baseball - the catch-all term for the two top-level leagues of pro baseball in North America. Consists of 14 teams in the American League, and 16 in the National League. The National League has been in existence since 1876, with the American league having been established in 1901.
Since 1903, the champions of both leagues have met at the conclusion of their seasons to determine the MLB champion, in the (often accused of bearing a false name) World Series. is the place to go for baseball higlights, scores, and analysis.
by DVDGuy March 30, 2008
Acronym for "Mom's Lactating Boob".
My friend become aroused by my MLB.
by I Cum for Jesus October 10, 2010
1. A poorly formatted league with the dumbest fans and dumbest officials that makes it the worst sport ever. It's consisted of 162 long tedious games with no time limit, whereas the "postseason" only lasts about a week long. The objective of the game is to hit a ball with a bat and guide your fellow Dominicans to home plate without getting out. But the real objective is to make the most money than any other player. Players are allowed to create buzz by talking trash, being a distraction, juicing up, and any other idiotic actions to attract the media.

2. "America's favorite past time".

3. "The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico's favorite present time".

4. A sports league made up of 29 teams and one over-dramatic news tycoon (NYY).

5. An overrated drama queen of a sport. They care so much that Bud Selig pays ESPN to cover the MLB 24/7, even during the offseason. Whenever ESPN doesn't highlight any games, they whine like little bitches about the Yankees, the Red Sox, the Mets, Manny Ramirez, Ozzie Guillen, steroid scandals, retired players in investigations, and any other bullshit they can think of.

6. A method to make a load of money by barely doing anything at all. Such notable activities include standing on a grass field, sitting in a dugout, running 90 feet, running 10 feet to grab the baseball, standing on a small white bag, doing a couple of silly movements to throw the ball really fast to a teammate standing just 50 feet away, and many many more adrenalating activities. Of course, those other players don't get much money for running back and forth every play trying to swerve past other guys and lob the ball in an orange ring, or trying to carry the ball for about 300 feet at the expense that you get knocked down every play. Sure, I believe you.
1. The MLB sucks.

2. US Citizen: I used to like the MLB. Wow, was I such a stupid, stupid kid.

3. Islander: Like baseball is our religion! Every day we go to the church to pray to Babe Ruth.

4. Yankee fan: The Yankees are the best team EVER! Like they land all the good players and shit, and I'm oblivious to why that is. But I heard they are all great in bed, according to ESPN, so that must make them great players!

5. ESPN anchor: Did you know that there are 5 pitchers that homered in a 1-0 game? Just how stupid is this stat?! Nawmally good!

This just in, Sportscenter ratings sink 100% after covering their 30th straight hour on A-Rod's personal crisis.

6. Derek Jeter: LOL Hockey sucks! Even though I won't last three minutes in an ice rink. I have no penis.
by Smart American Male May 03, 2009
The most retarded league on earth. Make up the rules as they go along, or thats what it seems like.
MLB is retarded, look at the retarded rules.
by Greg Hastings June 21, 2007

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