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A kind of extacy tablet. Said by many including myself to be the best pill out there. They often come in vairious coulours including green, red and ive also seen a black one before! Dropping 1 will keep you dancing all night, while dropping 2 will make you pull faces for a long long time.Coming up on these is like being hit by a bus, it just makes you see why they are called extacy tablets.
Effects include:
Amazing level of compassion towards freinds.
The ability to talk codshit to absolute strangers.
Any music is the best youve ever herd.
Addiction to strobe lighting.
Possible trips (just to keep you on your toes)
Contrary to popular belive it is possible to sleep on most pills, but not

The active content of a mitzubushi turbo is up to 99 parts MDMA. this is an absolutely ridiculous amount. thats why they are so good:)
Good day Pennywhisle, what can i do for you on this fine morro?

One of your finest Mitzibushi turbo please Geoffry. Im going to get fuck eyed!
by Jules_rules 42 April 21, 2006
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