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(1) God like food, generally containing a foot long bun, salad, some type of mayo or sauce, some form of meat or meat by product, hot chips and more mayo or sauce.
Enjoyed by drunks, stoners, students and such

(2) French for Machine Gun
(1)mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggh mmmmmmmmmmmm chomp chomp mrrrrrrrrrrrrrr nom nom nom

noise made by person eating mitraillette

dude, im hungry lets get some fat big mitraillette and a big bottle of beer

by chick chick chick chicken April 14, 2008
While doing it doggy style, you lift your female partner in the air and hold her like a machine gun.
This chick is way too fat for the machine gun
by Marky Mark October 07, 2003
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