After a large meal, fellacio is performed until climax. During ejaculation, the ejaculator plunges his member deep into the throat of the "fellator" until the gag reflex is triggered. The resulting slurry of vomit and jizz is caught in a bucket, and a turkey baster is employed to collect a sample from said bucket. The turkey baster is inserted into the anus of the party who correctly guesses heads or tails in a coin toss (best two out of three can be used if desired) and the puke/jizz mixture is used as an enema. The recipient of the enema then deposits his charge onto the chest of his partner, whereupon.... the couple fuck. Going out for ice cream afterwards is optional, as is calling one's mother to apologize for being a difficult teenager and not remembering her birthday.
Have you ever heard of a "mississippi dump truck"? Well.....
by Aunt jimiema April 28, 2014

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