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Hebrew noun meaning "family". Lexographically related to Yiddish mishbucha.

Used to indicate indentification with the Jewish peoples.
"Hey bro, I'm takin' Yom Kippur off too! We're mishpacha!"
by JordanH June 26, 2006
(n) Mishpacha #2415 is an awesome chapter of Pomona Valley. Their colors are PURPLE and BLACK. The mascot is Muppet Babies. Their brother chapter is DBG AZA. This group of girls have enough spirit for all of BBYO! Mishpacha girls are also known as Mishpachotties! ;)
Mishpacha is the best, most spirited, awesome chapter in SoCal BBYO, who love to eat spooy and have an awesome time together.
by Winter tern '09-'10 April 16, 2010
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