disparity between the intended meaning of a text message, and the interpreted meaning of a text message.
great party, was sick!" (meaning "great party but i threw up") interpreted as "great party, really good!"

this is an example of miscommunitexting
by MW3406u3504867 November 07, 2010
Top Definition
This occurs when a cell phone text is misunderstood or over analyzed due to lack of emotion. Also, when said text is sent to the wrong person unintentionally. Often times results in receiving a yelling text, written in all capital letters.

I'm sorry, that isn't what I meant. We must have been a miscommunitexting again.
by SSBorough February 24, 2009
Miscommunication caused while texting.
I thought Brittany was mad but it was just a matter of miscommunitexting as I couldn't hear her real tone of voice.
by Dante Mencini December 28, 2010
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