The seriously hot emplyee that every male dominated office has be default. This person will typically have a work desk and chair, but some how is never around during work hours. This person will try to impersinate office attendence by putting up photo's of themselves on the wall calendar.
Y: where is my Minki
J: you left her with Cullen
Y: I think she has been abducted by terriorists
R: lets settle this over a CS for minki
by gremlinmal July 27, 2006
Top Definition
small skinny smart boy in mr feenies class. Cory matthews arch enemy
damn shes as smart as a minkis
by jen smith March 21, 2005
a male character that-is a self important basterd....this deffintion will be updated soon....just u wait
her boyfriend is such a minki
by sas May 17, 2004
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