(Min-Iz-Er-Eez) A mental disease that gives you the ability to constantly pronounce words. incorrectly. The word was created when a young man pronounced the word 'Miniseries' as Min-iz-er-eez when looking at a DVD for BlackBeard the Miniseries. This disease is commonly found in older people including your mom.
Man: Hey can I have one of those ummm Cinnamum Lattes?

Girl: (Makes Latte and Man leaves) (She says to her friend) Hah that guy totally has a case of Miniseries.

Mother: I want the Salmon, but put that spicy Caynine pepper sauce on the side

Son: Mom! It's pronounced Ki-Anne! Don't have Miniseries!
by Sprinkle Sprinkle Boom!! August 06, 2011
Top Definition
A TV show that only lasted one season, the equivalent of watching thirteen episodes of 22:xx minutes in six hours.
"Action" was a great Hollyweird TV production but you can watch the whole run in a single evening like it was a mini-series.
by Kerry Vinson January 25, 2007
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