A sweaty STI filled Cum encrusted Vagina
Look at that manky old minge!
by Stephen Cooper May 06, 2004
A drunken Spalding youth.
Minge, to the bar!
by Sam Nicolson September 23, 2003
A small nigerian midget who is partial to a good fagboy
This minge taste like acid chicken
by hacker XXX May 06, 2003
A guy that is bigger than most and could knock us all out without spilling his beer
Minge's TS50 is a beast
A minge is a smelly disgusting vagina possibly smells like rotten eggs. If you are fucking a chick and smell rotten eggs run, run as far away as you can. If you get minge on your hand the only way to clean it off is with your tooth brush.
Minge is smelly and rotten
by Dmarti20 June 25, 2015

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