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Someone of simple intelligence or who once upon a time would be called a village idiot. Especially effective when teamed with the name of your next door town.
That guy is a ming mong.
They are all Newhaven ming mongs
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
A term of endearment used to describe small, furry creatures.
"Awww, what a cute little ming mong, I just want to pick it up and squeeze it!"
#ming-mong #kyoot #kewt #adorbs #cuteoverload
by spadam01 July 02, 2012
A person so stupid/idiotic and possibly a waste of space, a 'Ming Mong' is present throughout all societies. The local muppet who is proud of it deserves to be tagged a "Ming Mong". There are various ways in which the term can be used, as per the examples below:
<Altug> You're such a Ming Mong, Jon

<Dan> Jon the Ming Mong!

<SB> Stop acting like a Ming Mong
#mong #mingmong #idiot #ming mong #iaw #fml
by Ringocarr May 09, 2009
Simply a mixture of a Minger and a Mong, basically a disgustingly FUGLY person that should only be allowed out in daylight if they live on a council estate.
Eeuuugh!!! Look at that mingmong over the road
#minger #mong #pakipuff #wendy #curly c
by Matt Dawson October 01, 2006
a minger who also mongs. like me!
"That brian surrrrrrrrre mingmongs..."
by Brian February 27, 2004
someone who is really ugly, so god damn ugly you cringe when you see their face, comes from the word minger, created by lucy.
OMG! you see that ming mong!
by da mac May 10, 2005
a chinese geek that sells you crappy computers and takes your money
"what chu saying, I work at BCOM! give me your fried rice" -mingmong
by Ming Mong March 22, 2005
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