this word describes the event in which a person becomes snoopy around another person and asks for details on personal life or makes obnoxious remarks or as an action in which the person snoops around a person's profile taking in and becoming interested on this person based on their personal info.
Stop the mind rape on my profile, you twit. It's for my eyes only.
by cocobutters September 27, 2009
1. When a Republicanazi fucks with your head with all kinds of lies and twisted bullshit. They repeat it and repeat it until you believe it. If you refuse to believe it, you are evil.

2. The act of abusing someone's mind with Republicanazi lies. It works real well for winning elections. Worked especially well in Election 2004.
Wait here while I Mind Rape another one of the Stupid Americans and get them to believe all the Republicanazi lies. Now go vote for Republicanazis you stupid ignorant bastard!
by Republicanazi April 30, 2005
Ones thoughts when one is sensible enough to not rape people but horny enough to get of to the thought of doing it to a hot individual.
"Damn, just the thought of those shortsmade me mind rape her"
via giphy
by SweetDaddyJ April 11, 2016
The intrusion of the mind by a well-trained mind rapist. His mind is so advanced he can creep into your mind unnoticed and you can't stop it because it's too late when it's noticeable.
Person A: Please teach me your ways of the mind rape.

Person B: Are you ready to learn the ways and give up so much
Person A: Yes master I must mind rape Jenny from math and learn her secrets.
by Goochterminator26 January 17, 2016

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