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Something intellectually or mentally pleasing, something pleasing to the mind.
This book is pure mind candy.

The screenwriter's adaptation of John Le Carré is pure mind-candy for grown-ups.
by planspark September 22, 2008
Something pleasing to the mind, but isn't intellectual or though provoking and in some cases can degrade brain function.
I only buy OK magazine because i need some mind candy after a hard day of thinking

Girl 1: I love the latest series of 'farmer wants a wife' it is total mind candy!
Girl 2: Yeah it's so good I can feel my brain rotting after every episode
by Rafetta November 22, 2009
Mind candy is a street name for Concerta and ritalin (Methylphenidate) , and sometimes the word is used for Adderall
Steve: Dude I Got so fucked up on mind candy i started watchng dora the explorer then started painting my house at 3:00 in the morning
by Crackaholic October 04, 2008