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mimi stein...an especially BOOTYLICIOUS jew who is very scandalous. damn sooon....she be walkin down the teejay halls, and all the boys be talkin` bout her HAWTT BODACIOUS body.
damn...i wish *I* was as cool/hot/beutiful/smart (haha jk)/jewish as MIMI STEIN. i fail at life mannnn.
damn..i wish i was mimi's bitch

`nuff sed bitches
by Michelle April 01, 2005
8 11

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yet another of those damn sexy colonials. shes got a fabulous jew booty. shes a force to be reckoned with on the soccer field and basketball court. a lil bit of a whore, entirely in the best way. laughs at most everything. a lover, not a fighter.
damn! have you seen that mimi girl? shes hot.
by schlabang March 26, 2005
6 12