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mum i like to fuck orginated from, american pie.

also as braunys mum
u-oi braun man ya mums a miltf
braun-fuck you man your dead
by larry May 24, 2004
Mother I'd Like to Fuck
see above
by *wanks cock* April 02, 2003
'Mother's I'd like to Fuck' a variation of the 'Yummie Mummy' & 'Sexy Mother Figure' archetypes . Frequently seen pushing prams in public parks on the weekend. Physically radiant & clearly fertile, obviously more attached to the child than a nanny. Probably gagging for it.
1: Mmmmm, nice piece of miltf.
2: Where?, Oh yeah. I love summer.
by Abe Dew March 03, 2005
(milltff) noun. abbreviation for 'mother I'd like to fuck'
Tom: Whoa dude! Check out that woman over there!
Tim: She's totally fine and all...but I think that those are her children.
Tom: So? Then she's a miltf for sure!
Tim: Want me to babysit?
by Nedd Ludd September 23, 2005
stands for "mother I'd like to titty fuck"
ex: Damn, your mom has nice boobs, she's a MILTF.
by Mckennnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa December 09, 2008
MILTF~ Mothers I Like To Facebook
Hey, Your mom is such a MILTF. I saw in her status she was having her nails done today!
by Mom of 2 Love of 1 January 16, 2010
A varient of MILF, but with more love and anticipation. It also more proper, not leaving out any letters.

1: Yo let's go to Milly's house!
2: FUCK no, we need to go to Steve's.
1: Why?
2: Because of his MILTF!
1 & 2: FUCK YEAH!
by Krpy June 26, 2009