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To Have a sip of milk after taking a shot of hard alcohol. For example with bourbon, ...sounds weird but tastes great. The milk soothes the burn of bourbon, while the bourbon brings out the sweetness of the milk. Almost tastes like caramel.
Person 1: Eww I don't want to chase my bourbon with milk.
Person 2: Stop being a pussy, it's not like you could get that shot down any other way! Go on take a milk chaser.
Person 1: OK, I guess...heard it might taste like caramel.
by malkovitch9 August 16, 2011
When you're drinking milk with hard alcohol (which is weird except if it's a White Russian).
I downed a shot of whiskey and then used a milk chaser, thus forming a block of cheddar cheese in my stomach.
by schvety_balls April 17, 2011

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