1. A place filled with milfs.

2. A woman, usually a milf, who is of high quality, hot, smart and a milf.
Dude, that club we went to last night was definitely milftastic.

Have you seen Sara P? She's is friggin MILFTASTIC.
by ameshkin September 15, 2009
Top Definition
adjective, derived from the term MILF from the movie American Pie. A MILF is a Mother I'd Like to Fuck; MILFtastic is a term to describe such a woman who is usually old enough to have a teenaged kid but hot enough that most guys don't care and would love bang her hard all night long doggie-style.
Man, look at the cans on that MILF! They're huge. I'd love to tittie-fuck her. And that ass if fine, she's all-round MILFtastic!
by saskotis March 13, 2006
your mom. a word that expresses deine mutter
deine mutter ist heiB
by sam April 15, 2005
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